Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Shower Reflection

Hey there!

Back again with yet another short update for you on my pretty little slice of the Internet! How I'm glad to be back. I can't stress enough to you how busy I've been recently - conquering endless mountains of revision, pacing myself through the busy, working day. Not forgetting saving every spare moment to embrace my inner party animal. We all know girls just wanna have fun!

After hopping out of the shower, settling myself down with a hot chocolate and burning my favourite little candle, an idea occurred to me for a blog post...

Inspiration stems from the most peculiar places - whether it's keeping you up at night just before you're settled off to sleep or whilst strolling through the park on a warm, summer's day. Believe it or not, my ideal place for brainstorming is my beloved shower!

As much as I love to sing, (possibly deafening my poor neighbours,) this is where my creative juices start flowing. If I'm lathering myself up, inhaling the fumes of my favourite scented body wash for over an hour, then I'm most probably deep in thought. Once my brain starts buzzing, there is no stopping me.

Almost immediately, I'll wriggle my way deep into my fluffy dressing gown, heading straight for my blog, ready to scribble down my thoughts, eager to share with all of you - now that is dedication!

Image result for inspiration

My question to you - where do you find your inspiration?

Bye for now! Xxx