Sunday, 5 June 2016

Back to Blogging!

Hey there!

I feel like I have a huge amount of explaining to do...recently, I've been spending a large amount of time away from the deep, dark depths of the Internet. I realised my constant blogging updates and brainstorm sessions beforehand were taking up precious family time and those around me drifted away. The majority of this year, as a result of this, has been catching up with old chums and embracing the positive energy around me!  

This year has already brought new challenges, even bigger achievements, new people, lasting memories and a playlist full of  motivational tunes to get me back on track! A special event that I celebrated with my partner this month included our 1 year anniversary- not a massive deal to some, but nonetheless a very special moment for the both of us! I simply can't wait to share with you everything I've been getting up to in the past 6 months of 2016 - so many blog posts lined up and plenty of new content!

Let's not forget my YouTube channel that I neglected for a whole entire month - I deserve a right telling off! Follow the link below to check out a HUGE throwback to my summer last year - I had so much fun making this video and cannot wait to update my channel with yet another trip to sunny Spain! 

Look out for yet another video soon for my upcoming holiday to Barcelona with my other half - I'm excited to film it and can't to share it all with you! 

See you soon! Xxx

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