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LUSH Cosmetics Bluewater VIP Event - 17/08/14

Hey there!

Apologies for taking so long to write this post, but I've just been super busy with a whole bunch of things for the past few weeks, that I have barely had any time for myself! 

I'm sure you all know, after reading my many blog posts and watching my YouTube channel that I have a huge obsession with the shop LUSH - known for their amazing 'fresh handmade' bath products. As an avid blogger, I jumped at the opportunity when I was informed of an announcement on their social media page. So you can imagine how excited I was to finally be selected to take part in the first ever Bloggers Event in Bluewater at LUSH. Infact, we were all looking forward to it, especially the staff, who were eager to meet us and hold their first event!

WARNING: we were encouraged to take as many pictures as possible during the event, so this may become a picture heavy post!

I was lucky enough to be accompanied by one of my friends, who's post can be found here! We were treated to some refreshing cocktails to welcome us into the event, along with a tray of tropical fruits, which tasted sensational. 

As an icebreaker, the staff encouraged us to mingle together, allowing us to discuss blogging styles, before introducing us to the agenda, sharing with us some secrets about the tasty drinks we'd been given on our arrival. The previous evening, we were sent a sneak peek video hinting at the hands-on activities we were getting involved in, which started the hype! I was thrilled when the ingredients were set in-front of us, ready for bath bomb making - the smells overwhelmed us all, filling the shop with sensational scents. This was what I had been excited for the previous evening, so I couldn't wait to get my hands stuck in! It was a great experience and my bath bomb turned out amazing!

We were introduced to the new range of sunblock products, which smelt incredible! The girls briefly talked about each one, offering us tips and a demonstration on how to use them. We were then given the opportunity to take turns massaging the products into our friend's arm. This was a fun task, which left our arms feeling smooth and protected from the sun. Not only had I walked into the event dazzled by the scents of LUSH, but I left smelling of it too!

We were lucky enough after this fun-filled event, to be handed a free goodie bag on the way out, full of a whole range of products from the LUSH store - my favourite being the Grass shower gel. This product has such a strong, autumnal scent - perfect for these couple of months. I love how it feels on the skin and I would strongly recommend it!

Finally, for all my avid followers, you should know how hard it is for me to walk away from the store without any purchases. So. in addition to all of my other lovely free samples, I also treated myself to 'The Godmother' soap - a sweet, smelling, heavenly LUSH soap! 

If you would like to see what we got up to, you can find a link to my video here:

Over the next couple of months, I will be updating my blog with a bunch of reviews on these products so make sure you keep your eyes pealed. So if you're a blogger and live local then keep looking out for the next one - I would totally recommend it! 

Disclaimer: all pictures and footage for the vlog were taken by myself. However, I am not part of the company and am not helping promote it, just simply showing you clips of the event.

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