Monday, 9 June 2014


Hey there! 

I'll admit now, when it comes to parting with my money, I am very stingy about it! I mean, we'd all be shopping on a daily basis, without a care in the world, throwing anything and everything into our shopping baskets - back breaking amounts even, if we could still keep everything in our bank! As a result of this, I rarely ever spend my money on anything other than necessities during the exam period. So I thought it was time to browse the Internet for some goodies and treat myself as I was due a much needed spend up! 

Starting with these lovely lip products! Over the past couple of months, I have been browsing the shops, online and off-line, for some new beauty items to replace my old ones - as a result of a good clear-out. Recently, my lips have been under the weather and severely dry, so were in need of some attention. No amount of Vaseline could save my poor, chapped lips! I'm not one to jump the bandwagon and follow the hype. I like to explore new and upcoming brands or quite often, stick to my old favourites! 

However, I do regret not giving in to these beauties. I was seriously in love with both of these products! They apply smoothly, hydrate my lips really well and last throughout the day, with minimal top-ups. I'm especially pleased with the Baby Lips balm: not only does it give a slight tint to your lips, it also keeps you well protected from the sun - bonus!

I'll admit, these past couple of months I haven't been all that interested in reading. I've been so desperately wanting to get into the habit of finishing an evening with a good book, but the half term and busy exam period has kept me so busy, I just haven't found the time! 

Recently, I've been talking to my lovely blogger friend, Eleanor, who I've become extremely close with. Luckily for me, she is an avid bookworm and has a great taste in books! She made me realise that my break from reading had to stop, so I picked up an old favourite of mine from the shelf, 'One Day by David Nicholls,' (for anyone that's interested,) and I was absolutely hooked and could not put it down. I feel like I couldn't have picked a better novel to spark my love for reading again - it was so light hearted and just so intriguing! 

Browsing through my abandoned bookshelf, I noticed the majority of my collection was either outdated or well read - so it was definitely time for a make-over! The Book Thief was a no-brainer - a book I'd been lusting over for a long while and a strong recommendation by Eleanor. The Rosie Project was an easy pick too and decided this time the hype was not worth missing out on!  

I'm so happy with all of my purchases and would recommend these to everyone - so worth it and cheap too!

Bye for now! Xxx


  1. Ooo I love the book theif! I hope you enjoy it as well! Have you seen the film? It's really good but a bit different from the book! :) xx
    This was a great post!


    1. I decided to start reading The Rosie Project first, which I am really enjoying! No, I haven't seen the film, I can imagine myself getting really emotional just watching it! xx

  2. Baby lips is currently my favorite lip balm too :D

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