Sunday, 1 June 2014


Hey there!

It's the end of another busy month and the start of a fresh one! So much has happened in the past few weeks and it's all been so exciting. I can't believe how quick this has come and gone, but the weather is getting warmer and everyone seems much happier! Summer always gets me going, motivating me to get out of bed and embrace the sun, meaning more things to blog about. May was an eventful month - full of exams, revision, relief, relaxation and celebration!

(left to right) Boyfriend's Work Party/ Revising in the Sun/ Meeting Nike Boy/ F.A Cup Winners/ Sunbathing/ Celebrating Month with Shane/ Family Meal/ London Day Trip/ Groombridge Eagle

Last month has definitely been the busiest yet and I have a few treats lined up for the next one. Let's hope the weather only gets better!

Bye for now! Xxx

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