Monday, 16 February 2015

#3 10 Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week

Hey there,

Seriously though, where did January go? I can't believe we've almost whizzed through February too - this year is flying by! I'm proud to say so far that my New Year's Resolutions are yet to be broken and I have high expectations for the rest of this year. Unfortunately, I had a turn for the worst at the start of this week and my fairytale relationship has come to an end. I am determined not to let this bother me and sometimes I think to myself it was a blessing in disguise. Love is a foolish emotion and I'll admit it hasn't been easy, but luckily for me I had the support I needed to make this week a good one!

1. Interacting with new bloggers on Twitter

2. Involving myself with a new group of friends

3. Watching the sun set in the evening from my office.

4. Finally meeting up with a good friend of mine.

5. Spending hours on Skype uncontrollably laughing to myself. 

6. Seeing my favourite bands play live at the O2.

7. Forever performing into my hairbrush in front of my mirror, being a diva.

8. Wasting pennies in the arcades. 

9. Messing about with my friend's dog.

10. Having a well deserved lie-in on a Sunday.

Bye for now! Xxx

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