Sunday, 4 May 2014


Hey there!

I know we're already 5 days into May, but I thought I'd reflect back on what happened in April. If you're as nosy as me and love hearing what people get up to outside of blogging, then hopefully you'll love this!

(left to right) Became a Vegetarian/Friend's Monthly Party/Chinese buffet/Adventure Island/Haircut/Trip to London/NOAH/Best friend's baby's christening/22/04/14 Official Boyfriend

It's safe to say, despite the fact that this month was meant to be a quiet one, leading up to my exams, I managed to cram a lot in - including trips to the capital city, a new lifestyle change and some friendly gatherings! Not expecting anything too exciting next month and blog posts will be seriously lacking, so apologies in advance. but exams start next week and I'm so unprepared!

Wish me luck! Xxx

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