Thursday, 29 May 2014

Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

Hey there!

Thanks to DaliRae, I have been specially nominated, (among a few others,) for the 'Very Inspiring Blogger Awards.' I'm so excited to make this announcement! Never did I think my blog would accumulate so many readers who would appreciate my blog and what a lovely bunch you are! Everyone should go check her out because her blog is also amazing!

The Rules
  • Thank and link the amazing person who nominated you for the award
  • List the rules and display the award 
  • Share 7 facts about yourself 
  • Nominate around 15 other blogs who you think deserve this award and comment on their blogs letting them know that they have been nominated
  • Optional: proudly display the award logo somewhere on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you 

7 Facts About Myself 
  1. I have been studying French for 6 years and am finally becoming fluent
  2. I have a phobia of spiders and sick
  3. I have been a vegetarian for just under 2 months
  4. I have finally found the confidence to start my own YouTube channel
  5. I have a habit of keeping everything as a souvenir 
  6. I have a strong passion for travelling and dream that one day I can see the Northern Lights 
  7. I have a huge problem with making decisions - it just never happens!



  1. Thank you so much Vanessa, this means so much to me! ❤︎

    Emma x | Reverie Lane