Wednesday, 7 May 2014

YouTube Fanatic!

Hey there!

Unfortunately today, I decided to take the day off school, (and rightly so,) to spend the entire day bunged up in bed. Runny nose, headache, general tiredness - all symptoms of your standard spring/summer cold, but instead of letting my illness take over, I thought I'd make a quick update on my blog. Most people when they're sick, snuggle up on the sofa with your standard Jeremy Kyle/Judge Trudy type programmes and drink a cuppa soup. I, on the other hand, prefer to be sat in bed with a mug of coffee, a big box of Kleenex tissues, catching up on recent videos on YouTube. I thought I'd show you how I spend my time on the Internet by sharing my favourite YouTubers. 

As mentioned before on my blog in my Q&A blog post, (here,) Zoella has always been my favourite YouTuber. I have followed her channel for a long while and just love how enthusiastic she is. I find super inspired by her after watching her videos and my day becomes instantly brighter. Her attitude to life and her consistent positive attitude amazes me. Such a down to earth girl, currently partnered with PointlessBlog a.k.a Alfie and best friends with SprinkleofGlitter a.k.a Louise and Tanya. I reccomend you subscribe to her channel, you will NOT be disappointed!

SprinkleofGlitter a.k.a Louise and Zoe's best friend, (often referred to as Chummy,) is another of my favourites. Known for her huge shopping hauls, pink dip-dyed hair, amazing husband Matt and their little miracle Darcy. Like Zoe, she also has a positive outlook on life and always manages to entertain me with her occasional vlogs, collaborations, shopping hauls, challenges and much more! 


Jamie's World
One of the most awkwardest teens I've ever known, but ultimately one of the funniest too! Jamie, a typical teenage girl, from New Zealand, shares her entire life story with her many subscribers in short vlogs, often featuring her sister ranging from embarrassing stories, challenges and amazing achievements. If you're as nosy as me or easily pleased, then she's definitely one to watch! 

RoseEllenDix & Rosie
Two of my favourite lesbians, passionately in love, completely comfortable with their sexuality and confident in sharing this with the Internet - the perfect example of what I call 'gay and proud!' Never have I ever been so entertained, so unpredictable and never failing to make me laugh! Definitely one to watch if you're looking for a good cheer up. 

Comment below if you like my top 4 favourites or respond with your most loved YouTubers. 

Bye for now! Xxx


  1. I used to get tonsillitis all the time whilst I was at school, and my mum never understood why I wanted to sit in bed watching YouTube if I could be watching telly haha! I hope that you feel better soon :)

    Shannon Rebecca | Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

    1. Lets face it, parents will never understand why teenagers spend so much time on the Internet nowadays. YouTube has become my life now, procrastination well spent. Thank you :) xx

  2. I adore Zoella, she's so quirky her brother is a great you tuber to watch too!

    1. I completely agree, Joe is actually so funny. His impressions are extremely good too. :) xx