Thursday, 27 November 2014

LUSH Haul Review: Big Blue

Hey there!

As promised from my previous LUSH post, over the next couple of months, I will be sharing a number of reviews with you based on the treats I was given at the VIP blogging event. Most of you should be aware that I am a HUGE fan of everything in LUSH and have never been disappointed with my purchases, so apologies in advance if I get way too carried away, (which is definitely likely!)

1) Big Blue

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to create this little beauty of a bath bomb for myself at the LUSH VIP blogging event and was even more excited to use in my bath, so it wasn't surprising that Big Blue was the first to be unwrapped from my goodie bag! I've always been a huge fan of freshly scented blue baths, as opposed to earthy orange/red baths, so instantly that was a bonus...

As as avid lover of LUSH bath products, I was surprised myself when I realised this was the first bath bomb I'd purchased to have a filling in the middle! Perfect for a relaxing evening after a productive day or simply to wake you up with a refreshing morning buzz - this bath bomb definitely lives up to it's name! It smells heavenly as it gently fizzes in the bath tub - dispersing tiny bits of seaweed made to soften the hot water in your bath tub! However, I found this released far more seaweed than I anticipated and it often felt uncomfortable when reacting to any sudden movement. Despite this fact, the kelp is 100% worth it - bursting with vitamins and minerals, which help to regulate your metabolism.

Having said that, I found the product most overwhelming and embraced the refreshing scent and gorgeous teal colour of the bath. As a result, my skin was ever so smooth after using this beauty and I felt completely smooth and seriously moisturised. 

Reasonably priced at: £3.35
Rating: 8/10

Bye for now! Xxx


  1. This looks amazing! I have just tried out the comforter and loved that too :)

    Jennie x

    1. It smells amazing too - not too overpowering and makes you feel like a mermaid! I love the comforter too, such a sweet smell! :) xx