Wednesday, 26 November 2014

*Today is a Gift, That's Why they Call it the Present... #AngelAddiction!

Hey there!

After scrolling through my dashboard and catching up with my favourite bloggers posts during my lunch break, I stumbled upon a much loved blogger of mine - Jess. She writes so beautifully about a whole range of topics - fashion, lifestyle, beauty etc and would definitely recommend checking her blog if you're nosy like me! I realised that I haven't responded to many challenge ideas on my blog recently and jumped at the chance to take part in a fun tag after reading Jess's recent post . Angel Perfume by Theirry Mugler challenging bloggers to create their own mood board expressing their most valued addictions from present day and from your past - I was instantly inspired to try it myself!

I've always believed that a picture speaks 1000 words and what better way to show off my most valued addictions, than a collage of all my favourite snaps! Food, friends and family are my most important f's. First of all, who doesn't love food? I love to venture out to new restaurants out with friends, experiencing new flavours and trying new dishes! Date nights are always fun when there's food involved! My friends and family definitely had to make it on my life - they pick me up when I'm feeling low and support me through thick and thin. Looking back on the memories I've shared - I wouldn't change a thing about them. I love how they've never let me down and have been constant throughout my past, present and future! Finally, before I start the cheese, trips are a long lasting addiction of mine. I love long car journeys and flying abroad to hot countries, I've been all over the UK and spent a week away in Wales, but nothing compared to the trip away to Italy with my friends - handsome Italian men, endless amounts of pizza and pasta and gorgeous weather!  

Above all else on this list, my most loved addiction is without a doubt my boyfriend. Before I met him, I'd always been terribly insecure - never wanting to smile without shying away, fearing that everywhere I'd go people would judge me and never wanting to trust anyone with my life. Since I've been with Lewis, I've felt my life being positively impacted and changed for the better. He made me understand that I am beautiful, no matter what anyone says and taught me not to care what others have to say. The most important thing is to realise - 'the people that mind, don't matter and the people that matter, don't mind!' I cherish every single moment I spend with him - whether that be on cosy nights in or cute evenings out because he's who's created the confident person I am today and I never want to lose someone as special as him.

Bye for now! Xxx

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