Thursday, 16 October 2014


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This month I've been feeling extremely productive and motivated to maintain my blog. I am especially enjoying writing these type of posts and I am determined to complete this challenge. Never will I ever neglect my little Internet space again!

Day 03 - Your Views on Drugs and Alcohol

Most parents share the same view that all teenagers should spend their nights round a friend's house, watching movies, playing video games, eating a mountain of treats and keeping out of trouble. However, that is not often the case, being a teenager is a struggle - we just can't be tamed! 

 Like the majority of teenagers, I like a good night out with my friends, drinking and dancing until the sun goes down and sometimes being silly! The majority of the time, I don't even remember the events of the party, but I always manage to have a good laugh and arrive home in one piece...

As an avid party goer, I know how to have a good drink. I've experimented with my limits and understand the risks and dangers of drinking too much through experience. Fortunately, I have always been in safe hands at parties and have a supportive bunch of friends that I can depend on. However, some people aren't as lucky as I am and fall into the wrong crowd of people, which can lead to serious problems. 

Being a teenager myself, I feel this is a tricky topic to talk about, as I'm still learning and making mistakes every so often. Unfortunately, I have fallen into the habit of smoking, which I do not recommend to anyone! However, this occurred through mixing with a whole range of bad influences. which is probably one of my biggest regrets.

My advice to new drinkers or anyone lacking in experience: make sure you're surrounded by your close friends or family when you start testing your limits, you don't want to get caught up with the wrong crowd or be taken advantage of on your night out. No-one expects to get targeted on a night out, but unfortunately these tragedies happen more than often. Unfortunately, we live in a scary society, you never know who you can trust nowadays. So, when on a night out, make sure you stick with your friends, never leave your drink unguarded and stay safe!

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