Thursday, 9 October 2014

Becoming a Better Blogger!

Hey there!

For a noticeable amount of weeks, I have been lacking in uploading content to my blog - choosing to live an unplugged lifestyle for a while. Although, I feel this break away from my computer was well-deserved,  I was itching to start typing away at my keyboard, bursting with new ideas to update my little slice of the Internet. 

From the content that I've read from other bloggers, I found that those which have planned posts for the entire month, week by week, are always those which turn out to be the most successful. I've never been one to plan my posts and just write whenever I have spare time, (which isn't often,) meaning my plans for posts are never on time or are rarely ever written!  So, to solve this problem, I've decided to invest in a planner - bit late in the year I know, but if it's going to keep me organised and prevent me from skipping out long weeks with no posts, then that's what I'll do! 

As you can see from my most recent posts, writing has always been something I've been passionate about and if I could make a living out of my hobby, that would be just perfect! Sharing my life with all of you is something I never thought I'd be doing this time last year! I had always considered starting a blog, but didn't feel my life would draw much attention and would just get wasted. I had no inner drive to create one and my organisation was extremely poor! 

I am extremely glad that I did pluck up the courage to make my own page and am proud of how far it has come - winning awards and gaining hits every single day! If you haven't already, I would definitely recommend that you start your own. Some days may be a struggle, with a lack of inspiration, but the rewards you earn from writing are so worth it!

Bye for now! Xxx


  1. Ahhh I always love to plan my blogs, it's annoying because I plan them and then want to write them all in one day when I get bored but I can't cause that's way to over the top haha!! Love your blog though it's really cool :) would love it if you could follow my blog and leave a comment beaut!

    1. I know exactly what you mean! I'm not the most organised blogger, I just love to write whenever new ideas spark up, but that often means that I go weeks without uploading. I am an extremely passionate blogger, but often lack in inspiration... xx

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