Friday, 10 October 2014

World Mental Health Day - 10/10/14

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For any of you busy bodies, who are too busy with your nose trapped in a book, studying hard for school or just generally being proactive, you may not be aware that today is World Mental Health Day! A special day with the objective to inform individuals of major health issues, help them to understand their peers and learn how to deal with certain situations. This event is celebrated on the 10th October, focusing on a different aspect of mental health each year. 

Mental health is something I've always been interested in and extremely passionate about. It's a subject I find difficult to talk about, as I have previously dealt with it on a personal level and occasionally have to deal with relapses. I've always been known as the trustworthy one in my group at school and am often approached with private issues concerning my friends. I've never been one to judge and have been told on many occasions that I give useful advice. Therefore, I am reasonably knowledgeable on all things mental health and am confident in offering support to others in need.

However, despite the amount of information made available to people about this topic, I do feel it's something that needs to be drawn attention to more often. Many people nowadays, have been exposed to the general types of mental health such as depression and bipolar, whether it be through lectures at school, flyers posted around town or having to help support their peers through a difficult time. However, they are often completely oblivious to those issues, which aren't as advertised such as panic attacks. As an anxiety sufferer, it makes me mad at how ignorant some people are when it involves less-spoken about problems. Just because there isn't always enough information on specific aspects of mental health, doesn't mean they don't exist!

I am aware that it's difficult for an individual with no experiences of mental health to sympathise and understand their friends when going through a difficult stage. However, that's no excuse to treat others with disrespect. I've witnessed a situation where others have disregarded their friend and excluded them from events, due to their constant bouts of depression. It pained me to see this, but I couldn't interfere with the situation, so instead tried to support the victim where possible. This also made me realise that there clearly isn't enough information about. With more people becoming aware of mental health and their side effects, situations like this can be avoided!

If you ever feel threatened yourself or feel that one of your friends is in danger, I would definitely recommend visiting Childline. Counsellors are extremely supportive and are always available and willing to offer any support to those in need, at any hour of the day.  

The moral of this post is to just remember that what you say to others can have harmful effects, so think before you speak and learn how to respect your friend's feelings. If you know anyone who is suffering, don't make it obvious to surrounding others. Perhaps offer a smile or a gentle hug to brighten their day - small things can make a huge difference!

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