Tuesday, 21 October 2014

*Healthline - The Effects of Anxiety on Your Body

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As most of you are aware, I suffer with occasional bouts of anxiety and have experienced a number of panic attacks, which have widened my views to mental health and motivated me to guide others to do the same. It became apparent to me recently that a large number of people were unaware of this aspect of mental health. As a result of my experiences I decided to upload a guide to my blog, offering tips on how to deal with anxiety sufferers when they're desperately in need of support, which you can read all about here. 

I was overwhelmed with the response it gained and was especially thrilled at the feedback, as my main objective was to give a better understanding about anxiety to others and to make sufferers aware that they're not alone! Most importantly, it seemed to reach out to a large number of bloggers and I was especially flattered when I received an email from Healthline - contacting me on the behalf of their users who found my post useful!

In brief, Healthline is a trusted health provider with the aim to encourage a healthy lifestyle. They provide a vast amount of useful information - based not only on physical health, but mental health too. Recently, they have introduced a new, interactive chart to their anxiety page, enabling the user to explore the different features on the body that are affected during a panic attack. Personally, I believe this is a great way to learn and gives the user a good insight into this aspect of mental health.

Recognizing Anxiety: Symptoms, Signs, and Risk Factors

I would definitely recommend visiting the Healthline website here, so you can become more familiar with your body!

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