Monday, 1 December 2014

#1 Blogmas - Favourite Christmas Tradition

Hey there!

I can't believe it's the 1st December already - how time flies! The countdown to Christmas begins, starting with a treat from my advent calendar. Still lacking on the Christmas presents, but that's no surprise - it happens every year! Last week, I challenged myself to Blogmas and today marks the beginning of a very busy, jolly month... 


#1 My Favourite Christmas Tradition

For me, Christmas has always been about spending quality time with the family, singing carols until our hearts content and munching away on yummy treats without a care in the until you're about to explode. I, especially love the extra efforts that everybody makes to maintain the festive spirit, despite the fact the magic has vanished!

Growing up, I spent my Sunday mornings at the local children's club at my church - learning about the Bible stories and following Christianity. As a perk during the festive season, we celebrated Christmas with a Nativity play. I loved to show off and make my parents proud, so this was all very exciting! Every year I volunteered to play the part of Gabrielle - dressed from head to toe in a white bed sheet. I still remember the butterflies I had backstage before the performance, but I will never forget how important I felt to carry that gold star confidently through the congregation - embracing the attention!

Despite the fact I've grown too old to take part in this, my family still visit the local church to participate in the Christingle service and sing those typical festive hymns. I cherish these moments dearly, as we join hands and gaze at the dazzling Christmas tree. My favourite part of the service that always sparks my excitement at Christmas is when the lights are dimmed, the candles are lit and 'Silent Night' echoes throughout the church. What a great way to start Christmas!

What's your family tradition at Christmas?

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  1. I love this! I always start christmas off which going to church too! Such a lovely way to start it!:')
    Eleanor x

    1. We've always gone ever since I was little, so it makes sense to keep up the tradition! :) xx