Monday, 8 December 2014

#6 Blogmas - When Do You Open Presents

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Christmas Day has always been hugely celebrated in my family with Christmas traditions and festive films, trips to the church singing our most-loved hymns and stocking ourselves up with plenty of Christmas treats! Such a pleasant time of year to visit the whole family, sharing festive snacks and gifts together, despite the cold weather! 

Living with a younger brother gives me a great excuse to embrace the child in me! We all make an effort to keep the magic alive - leaving an offering of milk, biscuits and a carrot on Christmas Eve. Finishing the evening with a Christmas film, hot chocolate, eagerly counting down the hours until CHRISTMAS - my favourite part!

#6 - When Do You Open Presents

Usually on Christmas morning, I am sprung upon by my brother at an unearthly hour, to wish me a merry Christmas - believe it or not, I actually enjoy being woken up like this! I love seeing the excitement on my brother's face, as he lunges onto me. We cautiously tip-toe downstairs, dragging our stockings behind us, trying our best not to wake Mum and Dad up. 

Before opening our gifts, we always light our Christingles from the church service and place them on our window sill, to add an extra glow to the room! We all gather around the Christmas tree and take a family photo in our Christmas jumpers - a tradition I will never forget. A tub of Roses is passed around to munch on and then the fun begins! Everyone plunges straight into their sacks, head first to retrieve their presents. 2 hours later and we're stuffed full of chocolate, surrounded by endless piles of wrapping paper and ribbons!

If you liked my first day of Blogmas, I would recommend you challenge yourself to this festive tag - it would be nice to read some of your posts!

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