Tuesday, 16 December 2014

#14 Blogmas - Favourite Childhood Christmas Memory

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It's safe to say I've fallen extremely far behind with my Blogmas posts this year! Despite the cold weather, I decided to brave the shops to hunt down my Christmas gifts - a task I should have completed way before December. Somehow, I seem to get so caught up in the Christmas spirit, dancing away to festive songs and spending my evenings watching back-to-back festive films, that I completely forget about my Christmas shopping. This weekend was a challenge, but I can officially say I am well and truly ready for the Christmas Day! 

Alongside weaving my way in-between the hustle and bustle of busy shoppers making their last minute trips out before Christmas, despite the bad weather, I've been busy writing Christmas cards, making trips to see old friends and spending some quality time with my family - hence the lack of blog posts. 

#14 Blogmas - Favourite Childhood Christmas Memory

Ever since I can remember, Christmas has always been my favourite holiday - plenty of excuses to express my inner child! Growing up, my family and I have always made a huge effort at Christmas to keep the magic alive. There was always some nibbles and a glass of milk left on the table the night before Christmas and an array of tinsel hanging all around the house. 

 As a child, the countdown to Christmas was always magical - every year I'd make a special trip to Father Christmas, cherishing every minute I had with him! The week before Christmas was always my favourite - I'd sit eagerly waiting at my window, ensuring I was in earshot of the Christmas float, before dashing out to greet Father Christmas at the door. I can assure you I was never disappointed!

If you liked my first day of Blogmas, I would recommend you challenge yourself to this festive tag - it would be nice to read some of your posts!

Bye for now! Xxx

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