Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Happy Mothers Day!

Hey there!

Some may think this will be a cliche post and a soppy one at that but, I believe that the wonderful woman who brought me into this world deserves a post of her own! After all, without her I would not have come into existence and you wouldn't have the opportunity to read this, which means you all have her to thank! 

As I'm sure you are all aware, yesterday was Mothers Day! A day to show your Mum how much you appreciate her: by spoiling her with breakfast in bed, showering her with meaningful gifts and sparing her from having to lift a finger by helping around the house! 

I'd be lying if I claimed I was the perfect daughter! I am hopeless at preparing presents for special occasions, (often finding myself frantically browsing the shops for last minute gifts,) am useless when it comes to keeping track of upcoming birthdays and events and fail at telling those that mean a lot, how much I love and appreciate them!

As a young girl growing up, I'd say I was the most difficult child to bring up! I suffered with terrible anger issues from 4 upwards, ranging from minor tantrums to physical damage and occasionally harm! No amount of comforting or gentle words would calm the 'raging animal' inside! For days, sometimes weeks, my Mum was my enemy constantly at war with me, with no sign of a way out!

But there comes a turning point in your life where you realise how much your parents care, how much they have given up, just to ensure you are happy! Never did my Mum give up on me, she was there by my side, supporting me through every stage in my life! Not only influencing my life, but everyone around with her constant positivity!

I'm lucky enough to still have my Mum around to care for me, support me through thick and thin and to love me endlessly despite my imperfections! From toddler to adolescence, she fought by my side: saving my friendships when they were at risk and encouraging opportunities which would not have been possible otherwise.

Love you Mum, you deserve this! Xxx

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