Friday, 18 April 2014

What's In My Bag? - London Essentials

Hey there!

A popular post I have seen recently, especially among beauty bloggers, is 'What's In My Bag?' and after reading Barb's post in her mini series, I was inspired to write my own! Living so close to London always has its perks and I am forever travelling by train during my holidays to the capital city, to see what new bargains I can find. This Easter break, my family and I spent the day up London - sightseeing, weaving in and out of tourists and generally just enjoying the buzzing atmosphere, which can be seen here. But no trip is complete without your essentials to get you through the day! I chose my summery, coral handbag to carry them about in, which can be a pain to search around, but can fit all my essentials in!

Magazine - no train journey is complete without the latest celebrity gossip to catch up on! Not forgetting the crossword puzzles and horoscope at the back to keep you entertained.

Tube Map - often the hustle and bustle takes over London and makes it difficult to read the signs for the Tube Map. I like to keep my own personal one in my bag so I can access it whenever I want. 

iPod - music makes everything better! Lifts the mood, drowns out your thoughts and keeps you company when you're alone. I take my iPod everywhere with me and have a playlist for pretty much everything - spring/summer, autumn/winter, workout...

Make-Up Essentials - one thing you'll never see me without is my make-up! I don't have a reason for carrying it about, sometimes I don't even use it, but you can never be too sure...

Sunnies - England has surprised us all with a few outbursts of sun this spring! Around this time, I am always known to be carrying around my sunglasses - either wearing them on my head as a fashion statement or protecting my eyes from the blinding light rays!

Hand-sanitiser - you can never be too sure of the cleanliness around London and germs are quickly spread. Therefore, I am always carrying around my sanitiser to refresh my hands and maintain my hygiene!

Hairbrush - standing around on Tube platforms can often get windy, a worst nightmare to girl's with long, curly hair like mine, that tangles easily! Although my hairbrush can be a pain to carry about, it's always a must! 

Mints -  I often worry how my breath smells during the day when I'm travelling around London, especially after a meal out and there's no harm in freshening up your breath once in a while - nothing a pack of mints can't sort out. 

What's your top essentials to take with you on a trip out?

Bye for now! Xxx


  1. Every girls must-have <3


  2. Lovely Post! Hand-sanitiser is a must have!

    1. Its definitely necessary in my handbag because my hands get so dry! Xx