Friday, 11 April 2014

Primark Tag

Hey there! 

After browsing endlessly through the Internet for some inspiration for my next blog post, I found a new tag make an appearance on Blogger from Barb! For as long as I can remember, Primark has been my absolute favourite shop to pick up some top purchases in, whether it be an evening outfit, a floral dress or some new underwear. So naturally, I couldn't resist taking part in this tag and would love to see this shared across the Internet...

1) Do you have any nicknames for Primark?
Personally, I do not use any nicknames for Primark, other than the brand name itself. However, I do know there are some floating around including 'Primarnie,' which my father often refers to it as. There is also a lot of controversy about how to pronounce it, whether it be 'Preemark' or 'Primark.' 

2) Which item can you never resist picking up?
One of my all time favourites at Primark, besides the cute jumpers or summery tops with the collars, are their underwear, who could resist, when they're priced at £1 per pair! Whether it be the lacy thongs, patterned knickers or the diamante bras,  they never fail to keep me away! Regardless of whether people may not see these beautys, (unless they're lucky enough,) I always prefer to have classy, matching underwear to make myself feel glam or slightly cheeky! 

3) Are you guilty of buying knick-knacks at the tills?
I am a sucker for lip balms and fluffy socks and coincidentally, BOTH of these products seem to appear by the till line. Being an eager shopper, I often find myself picking up additional items to fill up my already bulging shopping basket, which always seem necessary at the time! But when the pounds add up, I realise self-discipline has failed me once more...

4) Do you visit your local Primark or shop further afield? 
For a quick browse and a fashion fix up, the local stores never let me down! I am lucky enough to have a store in my local town and I rarely ever come out empty handed! The staff are so friendly and the queues are tolerable so I enjoy my shopping experience. I have once been known to shop further afield for a product I had fallen in love with online, but was not in stock in my local store! However, this was not ideal, and I found myself fighting my way through crowds of fiesty shoppers, to find myself at the back of an endless queue!

5) What is your Primark bugbear?
A bugbear I have always disliked at Primark, before and after the refurbishment, is the lack of respect by the customers! Before I was interested in fashion, I found it a chore to shop in Primark and refused to search for bargains in what looked like a charity shop! Even now, after the refurbishment, shoppers often knock clothes off the hanger and never bother to put it back! You don't see this kind of behaviour in River Island or Topshop, so why here?! It's a disappointment to see one of my favourite shops being treated this way! 

6) What season do you look forward to most?
The spring/summer collection in Primark are by far the most exciting! I find myself changing fashion styles, as the years progress, but Primark floral dresses, patterened shorts and bikinis never fail to make an appearance in my wardrobe. I constantly restock up on these items and ensure I am always up-to-date with the upcoming designs and outfits. I consider myself a bit of a fashion guru when it comes to summer! 

7) Do you use the Primark website or fall back on Primark hauls on YouTube? 
I never really rely on either, as I am lucky enough to pass by my local store, before and after school, 5 days a week, so it's impossible for me to miss out on the new collections! That being said, I also look forward to watching hauls on YouTube for some inspiration. I especially look forward to watching Zoella's videos, as we share the same taste in fashion and I rely on her to make some good purchases. I reccommend you give her a watch, you will NOT be disappointed! 

Happy shopping! Xxx

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