Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Life Update: Sunny Southend

Hey there!

It's not every day that England, (known for it's dull, rainy weather,) surprises us with a full day of sunshine, but when the time comes, you have to take advantage of it! At the moment, I am lucky enough to be on my Easter break - 2 weeks away from everything school-related. So, when given the opportunity to embrace the beautiful weather, I couldn't resist! My family felt the perfect way to do this was a trip to Southend - famous for the longest pier in Europe, seriously tasty ice-cream and it's Adventure Island beside the coast! 

After what seemed like a never-ending car journey, we finally parked up outside the entrance to Adventure Island. It was such a great atmosphere - with the sun streaming down, a slight breeze in my hair, breathing in the seaside air, what more could you want! The park was a little busy, but that was to be expected and everyone was buzzing with excitement. The place was teeming with adrenaline junkies! My personal favourite above all the rides, besides the loop ride I managed to drag my brother on, was the dodgems - a good excuse for a head-on collision! 

After spending a good, few hours in Adventure Island, we took a break for lunch. By this time, I had worked up a large appetite and was thrilled when we found a traditional fish and chips cafe in the local seaside town! Being a vegetarian, my menu choices were extremely limited and were heavily reduced to just two options: veggie burger or jacket potato. It seemed like an obvious pick and tasted even better, with nothing but a sauce stain left on my plate!

My family have always been known for going on long walks, hiking long distances and exploring new areas on holiday. So, it wasn't a surprise when I found myself on a brisk walk along the famous pier, stretching out to sea for just over a mile! It felt good to be breathing in the sea air and was a good way to burn off lunch. For the return back to land, my brother and I challenged ourselves to run the length of the pier. As a passionate blogger and hardworking student, used to lying horizontally on my bed planning future blog posts or making revision cards, exercise is not my expertise. However, the sheer torture I put myself through was over within 15 minutes and was celebrated with a well deserved ice-cream afterwards! 

To end our busy day, we took a casual stroll along the beach, back to the car. I stopped along the way to take a few snaps of the scenery, being the passionate photographer that I am. I just had to capture such a beautiful moment  - I just couldn't help myself!

Unfortunately, due to the long hours spent out in the sun, I am currently suffering with a spot of sun stroke meaning that I haven't left my bed for a good, few hours! Hopefully I'll be back on my feet soon to enjoy the last few days of my holiday!

Bye for now! Xxx


  1. God, I haven't been to Southend in yeaaars! Used to love it when I was younger, can't beat a bit of candyfloss or an ice cream by the beach :) x

    1. This was my second time going and I don't think I've had that much fun in a long time! x