Sunday, 13 April 2014

App Store Favourites!

Hey there!

In today's world, technology is rapidly advancing all around us! Even now whilst you're sat here reading this, producers are frantically brainstorming new ideas for future products, which they hope to be successful! It's simply impossible to avoid buying the latest gadgets and nowadays, it's a rare sighting to see someone without their trusty devices! No matter where I am, whether it be travelling on a Tube around London or an evening meal in a local restaurant, people are constantly using their mobile devices. A large majority of these being Apple products! 

Apple have always been a favourite brand of mine when regarding technology and one I will strongly recommend to anybody! However, I do NOT rate their chargers and am fuming at the countless times I've had to replace my broken ones. As I am currently studying for an ICT A level, I am forced to be passionate in learning about the new, upcoming technologies and therefore, the devices I do own are relatively new. I spend the majority of my day scrolling through the App Store in search of new apps to update my device with. However, I am fussy with the apps I do purchase and refuse to pay for any, unless absolutely necessary! 

Here is a list of my favourite app store freebies: 

Social Networking
  1. Bloglovin' - an absolute necessity that should be at the top of all bloggers favourite lists! Simple layout, easy to use and great for quick updates when the laptop is too far away! Thankfully, I can sneakily have a peek at my updates on the school's system too! 
  2. Twitter - this is one of my absolute favourites! Perfect for lying in bed in the morning, checking through tweets I missed over night - celebrity gossip, TV spoilers etc.
  3. Snapchat - an excuse for sending the ugliest face imaginable to all your friends, embracing the no make-up, 'just got out of bed' look!
  4. Instagram - the perfect way to collect all your favourite photos/collages together - from holiday snaps to daily posts. An invitation for inspiration!
  1. ITV Player - everyone gets a little busy from time to time, sometimes too busy to watch your favourite TV shows. There's nothing better than being able to catch-up and watch them on the move, whether it be in bed or on a long car journey. 
  2. Blinkbox Music - what better way to listen to all of your favourite music in one app! No need to download music, this app allows you to listen to over 12 million songs to choose from and create your own station! 
  3. iBooks - who needs physical copies of books, when you can have them all stored in a library on your device to read them whenever and wherever - from the typical classics to short stories written by wannabe authors! 
  1. 2048 - a simple, yet addictive game consisting of sliding blocks together to make 2048. A great way to kill time, but slowly drags you in deeper... so deep you physically can't do anything else with your life!
  2. Flappy Bird - the game that grabbed the nation at the tap of a screen! People absolutely everywhere were losing their mind over a bird and some Mario-like pipes. Never before have I seen anyone so addicted, that they spend ridiculous amounts of money on eBay, purely because of this app - it simply drew people to new levels of extreme!
Hope you find this blog helps you to choose, which are the best apps to update your device with! 

Bye for now! Xxx


  1. The apps Im always on the search for are ones to help with being productive. I've downloaded countless to do list apps, calendars, organisers anything to help me be more organised and productive! I also love the ebay app as it buzzes when you've been outbid, meaning Im more likely to actually win something!

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

    1. I am probably the least motivated/organised person you'll ever meet! I use my Notes for anything I have to quickly write down for blog posts or event dates! The Countdown+ app is my favourite in that aspect to remind me how long I have until important events! xx