Friday, 23 January 2015

Benefits of Switching Off

Hey there, 

Being a writer, it can be hard to stay completely motivated all of the time. Often, I find myself staring blank faced at my screen for hours on end, struggling to put pen to paper. Coming up with a constant source of inspiration can be quite overwhelming and extremely tiring - I usually end up spending what are supposed to be productive days, scrolling endlessly through my social networking accounts. Countless nights I have fallen asleep on my keyboard, shattered from a busy night brainstorming! 

Overworking and striving to provide good quality content, without any successful blog content, can leave you in a state of panic! You're left at the end of a productive day, feeling down in the dumps, second guessing everything you've ever produced, wondering if there is even a point to it anymore. This is where the switching off comes in: time to relax, invest in some me-time, but don't forget to keep your mind active, constantly seeking new ideas! 

Top tips to help switch off:

Literally switch off - the most crucial part of unplugging from the Internet is to physically turn everything off - your phone, laptop, iPod, whatever....It helps to leave everything switched off and hidden away in a different room. Social media has a way of messing with our minds - meddling with our self-confidence, eating away what's left of your self-esteem. Leave it all behind and take a break from the online world!

Focus on YOU - it's not often I have the time to treat myself to a lazy day. I find that resting the mind is the best way to help recharge. I love to spend an evening reading from the glow of my lava lamp - it's my favourite method of inspiration and helps spark new ideas for my little slice of the Internet. If you're nosey like me then you can read more about how I like to spend my me-time here!

I strongly advise taking a step away from the Internet from time to time. There's no need to feel guilty for abandoning your blog for a while. Make a habit of it - inspiration will surely strike again!

Bye for now! Xxx

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